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Play Music Testing

This page is used to test a music player (VLC) by clicking the link in this web page sends an audio file (mp3) out a USB sound fob amplified on a Class-D amp so it plays on the DML speaker.

Remote VLC to Dragon: [is currently disabled]


Testing (May 2023) shows the chain of electronics from the linux server through a USB sound card to a Class-D amplifier driving exciters on the foam (Formular) DMP speaker in the DML frame works.

Trouble following the previous run-on sentence? It is just to show "working" means the chain of roughly a dozen hardware and software parts must all do their jobs to get music to play on the speaker. Working means music playing on the DML speaker can be controlled from any remote PC or cell phone.

Once the "sound infrastructure" is in place the linux server running Mycroft can speak. That done: what Dlexa and Pearl say becomes (just?) a programming problem.

The next task is to install the permanent wiring (under the hedge body) for power, WiFi, and USB to the DML Frame. See Hedge for the cabling plans.